Samples of Thank You Letters of Appreciation:

There are a lot of times when you wish to thank people around for their support, time, advice, sympathy, recommendations and great accomplishments. It is appropriate to send thank you letter of appreciation to such people. Writing a letter to convey your feelings can be overwhelming and you might struggle to express your thoughts on paper.

Here’s a guide for you to help you with some effective tips for writing the letter and a few sample letters of appreciation [See]. You can go through the letters and customize them as per your requirement.

Thank you letters samples

Tips to write Thank You Letter of Appreciation:

  • You should be specific while thanking the recipient by stating the thing that you are grateful for.

  • Begin the letter by addressing the correct person and if you are not sure, if the person will be able to recall you then give a brief introduction.

  • Be polite and positive while writing the letter. Tell the recipient what difference his act has made to your life.

  • Towards the end, thank again and close the letter on a positive note.

Sample Letter to Thank Interviewer:

Dear Mr. Smith,

I would like to thank you for the time and efforts put by you while interviewing me. It was truly a learning experience for me, as I understood a lot of things about the company’s core business. I am grateful for the opportunity that I received to discuss the profile as an accounts manager and its scope.

Thank you for considering my candidature for this challenging opportunity. I appreciate your time and look forward to working with you in the organization.


Joe Marshal

Sample Letter Appreciating Advice/Suggestions:

Dear Customer,

I take this opportunity to thank you for sparing your valuable time to advice us about how we can make our services more efficient. I agree with you about the need of automation for scheduling deliveries. It is apparent that you have given a critic thought to our services and have come up with a constructive suggestion. I would certainly like to talk in details to you about implementing such a program.

Thank you again for your advice and I also welcome any other suggestions that will help us to serve our customers better.


Sales Manager

Sample Letter Appreciating a Recommendation Letter to You:

Dear Mr. Williams,

Thanks a ton for agreeing to provide a recommendation letter to send along with my application to the New York University. I had a desire to study pharmacy, and I have always studied hard to grab good academic grades. However, it was your letter of recommendation that would act as an influential factor while my candidacy is considered before the selection committee.

I appreciate the time taken by you to write the letter and I once again thank you for having shown faith in me. I assure you that I will do that I can to live up to your expectations.


Sara Mathews

Sample Letter Appreciating the Gift

Dear Mr. Alex,

Thank you so much for the gift sent by you for this Christmas. You are a great friend and I cherish all the memories we share. The personalized coffee mug gifted by you shows how thoughtfully you think about our friendship.

I once again thank you for your gift and the comfort and care imparted by you towards me out of our friendship.



Above given are some of the sample thank you letter of appreciation for different situations. Everyone likes to be appreciated for the little things they do out of kindness and love for you. So, never miss an opportunity to convey your thanks and feelings. It is good gesture and a step to strengthen the bond that you and the recipient of the letter share.