Appreciation Letter for Good Service:

Letter of appreciation is a verbal acknowledgement of your gratitude towards another person for the service given, for the support extended. Letter of appreciation for other’s time and efforts – whether to your organization, business, and family or to you personally, is a way to build a bond, demonstrate attentiveness and cultivate future relationships.

Often we experience bad service at a garage, showrooms, technical support departments and other service oriented businesses. People often fail to live up to our expectations. However, there are times, when we do get excellent services and our needs are handled kindly and carefully. In such circumstances, we must acknowledge the services of the person and the business too.

Tips to Write Letter of Appreciation for Service:

  • In your letter, appreciate the individual, who served you with your needs. However, you need to write the letter to the business and mention the name of the individual, so that the credit is given to the deserving.
  • You can also mention the name of the manager or superior of the individual. Managers usually talk to you and are delighted about the appreciation, as people are often concerned more about complaining and not complementing.
  • Keep the letter specific and precise. However, let the individual know that you were impressed with his/her services.

  • Close the letter on a positive note by wishing the company or the individual continued success and to keep up the good work.

Sample Appreciation Letter for Good Service:

Selina Teressa

55 AA Street

Sparta, OH 41235

October 08, 20XX

The Management

Sitel Pvt. Ltd

Winston Street

Green Valley, OH 74126

Subject: Appreciation for Good Service

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter as a humble note of appreciation for the quality service provided by your office staff yesterday, i.e. October 07, 2012. I had a query regarding the activation of my windows software. I called your office at 3 pm. for the technical support and was attended by Mr. Joseph Williams.

I must say the correct and prompt support extended by him was appreciable. He answered all my queries and was very polite and helpful throughout the call. You should certainly feel proud of such resources, who can bring in goodwill for the company.

I appreciate the way you have trained your staff and the way they are following their duty perfectly. Keep up the good work. Once again thank you for the good service and I wish the company a lot of success.


Selina Teressa

Appreciation letters for the service need not contain high-end vocabulary or are not required to be long, but sincere and specific. If you were satisfied with the services offered by an individual, you must appreciate it through a letter. Good service is not common in today’s world and thus, if you happen to experience it, your appreciation can motivate the business to continue serving well.